Blood and Biomarkers

Date Tuesday, April 20, 2010, 09:30 - 15:45
Location The Utzon Center, Aalborg, Denmark
Organizers Michael T. Overgaard and Karen G. Welinder, University of Aalborg

Meeting abstract

The blood system is one of the largest organs in the human body and it is of vital importance to the organism's maintenance and survival. A number of vital tasks are performed by the blood system, including functioning as the main transport system supplying nutrients and oxygen to all tissues and organs, removing waste products and CO2, and carrying signals. The circulation also carries the molecular and cellular sensors and effectors of our defense systems against intruding parasites and pathogens. The coagulation system, a build-in self-sealing cascade of cells, enzymes, and clot forming proteins, maintains hemostasis in response to blood vessel injury. Finally, blood is also the access point for a wealth of diagnostic testing and the potential in this area is far from being fully exploited. This one day symposium will explore some of the recent advances within a range of research topics based on blood plasma and biomarkers.

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 08.30 –  9.30

Registration and coffee

 09.30 –  9.40

Introduction - Michael T. Overgaard

 09.40 – 10.20

Cheryl A. Conover, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, USA: PAPP-A, a new marker for acute coronary syndrome

10.20 – 10.45

Michael T. Overgaard, Aalborg University: New plasma proteases

10.45 – 11.10

Søren Risom Kristensen, Aalborg Sygehus Syd, Denmark: Venous thromboembolism - life style factors and genetic susceptibility

11.10 – 11.35

Ole Frøbert, Örebro University Hospital, Sweden: The Scandinavian brown bear as a biological model for human physiology and disease

11.35 – 13.00

Lunch and exhibition

13.00 – 13.30

Ole Hvilsted Olsen, Novo Nordisk, Denmark : Design of super active variants of coagulation factor VIIa

13.30 – 13.55

Mette S. Andersen, Aalborg University , Denmark: A novel specific Factor X inhibitor from potato tuber juice

13.55 – 14.25

Coffee and exhibition

14.25 – 14.50

Hans E. Johnsen, Aalborg Sygehus Syd: Biomarkers in haematology - from bench to the clinic

14.50 – 15.15

Lotte Hatting Pugholm, Aalborg Sygehus Nord , Denmark : Functional analyses of immune cells in peripheral blood.

15.15 – 15.45

Gregers R. Andersen, University of Aarhus , Denmark : Staphylococcus aureus complement evasion by IgA mediated steric hindrance of the convertase.


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